About Us

Located in Bournemouth, Dorset, we provide gift printing services to the tourism and retail sector.

Our Studio

From our studio in Bournemouth we work closely with tourism centres, high street retailers and attractions around the UK.

justaddbiscuits studio

We work closely with each client to ensure that the artwork is presented exactly how they perceive it to be.

Our Gift Print Service

Offering your artwork on giftware is a way to provide additional revenue. We only use the highest quality items that are either made in the UK or sourced from suppliers abroad.

Printing onto giftware is a very different process to printing onto paper and we use a process called dye sublimation where your artwork is enfused within the surface of the item rather than just being printed on it.

This therefore provides the highest level of protection and items such as mugs can go through a dishwasher.

This printing process uses the RGB palette (as opposed to CYMK) and so your artwork (if provided digitally in CYMK) will be converted unless you supply an RGB version of your artwork.

Our Fine Print Service

For fine art and lustre prints then we use a 6 ink process at up to 9600 x 2400 DPI that produces stunning results.

Our fine art paper is a 315gsm acid free matt paper that has a wonderful soft texture to it and is perfect for reproducing watercolours, acrylic and oil artwork.

The lustre print paper is a gloss paper of between 260-300gsm and brings out both artwork and photographs (colour and mono) in high quality detail.

Our Fine Print and Mount Service

We also provide prints fully mounted and enclosed within a self seal clear cellophane bag ready for immediate re-sale.

Our mounts are precision cut for us and are a premium quality 1400 micron acid free whitecore mountboard. They have a 45 degree bevelled edge inside cut and a smooth 90 degree outside cut

Our Own Gift Ranges

We provide ready-made gift ranges from our unique Coaster Cards to mug ranges and personalised ranges such as our popular Street Sign range of gifts.